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A Number of Considerations Concerning Bathroom Remodeling When it comes to the resale value of a house, one of the most important parts being looked into is the bathroom. That is why you have to consider bathroom remodeling as part of your home improvement project because it can greatly affect the price of the home you want to sell. However, you ought to work with an experienced contractor so your project can raise the value of your home, reduce your energy costs, and save water. Normally, these contractors use environmentally friendly materials to help save the environment, so it actually pays off to be considered. It helps also to update and upgrade your bathroom as it can increase the comfort while living in your home. Moreover, it increases the value of your home by about 75% of the total cost of your remodeling project. You might not be able to get this amount back right away, but you can surely recover this by the time you sell your home and this can be a good return on investment. Make sure that you carefully plan everything with the help of a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor. He can help you out in choosing environmentally friendly construction materials based on how they are made and how you can save on natural resources by lowering usage. For example, you can choose a low-flow or dual flush in order to save you as much as four gallons of water with every flush, depending on the fixture you are replacing. Generally, each person flushes nine times per day on average, so a family of four can save 180 gallons of water in only a single day.
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When you have an all-electric home, you can upgrade your bathroom insulation through changing your window into a triple-paned vinyl framed window that has Xenon gas in between the panes. This preference can significantly lessen the energy used to heat and cool the bathroom by one-third. You can install also energy-efficient ventilation fan, spa tub or shower, and lighting fixtures to decrease your demand for electricity and increase energy savings, particularly if the bathroom is heavily used. You may even consider having a whirlpool tub with in-line water heater, radiant floor heating, instant water heater for sinks and other fixtures that will improve energy efficiency.
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An additional thing to consider will be the materials you ought to use for your remodel. With the help of a bathroom remodeling contractor, you can easily decide which materials are best for your requirements. You can take into consideration materials like environmentally friendly drywall, cork floor tiles for comfort and beauty, recycled glass tile, engineered wood and natural paints. You need to discuss the materials, additional features, and considerations with your contractor for you to totally understand why bathroom remodeling pays. You must carefully think about your options, the cost of your remodel, the increased value of your home, your energy savings and other expenses. Working directly with a reliable professional who can help you to have one wise decision with a good return.